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About Toss The Tub

What Happened to Toss The Tub?

Toss the Tub has evolved as we transition to Devine Bath. Our focus has always been on making the complex bathroom remodeling process simple for our customers while being equally dedicated to highly functional and beautiful results. Our partnership with Gretchen Schauffler of Devine Color has opened our eyes to the foundational role that color plays in design. The Devine Bath Trend proof color philosophy has moved us beyond just Tossing the Tub and into a new world of design options with a balance of aesthetics and function. Our focus on quality products and installation has paired beautifully with the Devine Color process to create a new way of remodeling the Bathroom. We hope that you will enjoy the process as much as you enjoys the results.

I don’t need a full remodel, do you still offer a “Toss the Tub” experience?

Absolutely! We know that sometimes a few small changes is all it takes to make a bathroom feel new again. Whether you want to toss that tub for a spacious new shower, or simply update your vanity, we’re here to offer an à la carte approach to your bathroom makeover. Our in-home designers can help you pick and choose the parts you want, while helping you stay within budget, no matter how big (or small) your project might be!

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About Devine Bath

Gretchen Schauffler & Devine Bath

Gretchen's approach has never been about making one room beautiful and neglecting the rest. Her color philosophy revolves around creating an aesthetic that can be carried out throughout an entire home. Each room having its own character and beauty, while sharing a strong relationship with the rest of the house. It is this vision that led her to partner with Devine Bath. The importance of the bathroom is often overlooked. They are quiet refuges in the middle of parties, boardrooms where power couples settle disputes, and concert stages where we sing with abandon. By partnering with the best in the business and sourcing only the finest quality materials, Devine Bath takes Gretchen's color philosophy to new heights!

Inspiration from Devine Bath

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