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5 Products We Love From Our Manufacturers

If you find yourself perusing Pinterest for innovative bathroom technology and the newest in design and color, you’re not alone. The designers at Devine Bath share your joy in browsing the latest and greatest, and today we want to spotlight our favorites from the manufacturers we work with and trust for every PNW bathroom remodel.

Eco-Friendly Shower Heads

Hansgrohe has hundreds of fantastic products, but their green shower heads are some of our favorites. Their Raindance Unica S Wallbar Set is beautifully designed to work with most bathroom styles, and offers the latest in shower technology. Its 63-inch Techniflex Hose provides greater flexibility for all members of the household (it’s a fantastic option for homeowners who bathe their pets in the tub) and makes rinsing and cleaning soap suds off the shower walls a breeze. Additionally, the QuickClean technology’s silicon nozzles rapidly remove dirt and limescale deposits from the faucet, allowing you to clean less, and live more. This model’s eco-friendly design mixes water with air, making the water droplets plumper and softer and, therefore, dispensing less water for each shower. Talk about innovation!

Bathroom Lighting

Gold hanging bathroom ceiling light

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We love the beautiful light fixtures from Cedar & Moss because they’re sure to offer lighting designs that fit anyone’s taste. Cedar & Moss’ bathroom lighting catalog is full of fixtures that will elevate your bathroom’s style and add personality to an area that is often overlooked in design. One of our favorite lights is their Alder Pendant, which includes a 14-inch tall glass shade that is slightly domed. You can customize your pendant with clear or opal glass and choose from four different finishes: brass, architectural black, modern black, and polished nickel. This fixture is gorgeous as a standalone piece, or grouped in a duo or trio for added light and prominence.

Modern Toilets

A sleek, modern toilet set again a white bathroom wall

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Kohler is well-known for their faucets, sinks, and showerheads, but we are most impressed by their high-tech toilets. Their toilets allow you to choose the height that’s most comfortable and accessible for the members of your household, which is a bonus for homes with children, elderly family members, and people with disabilities.

Their Veil Intelligent skirted one-piece elongated dual-flush toilet is both beautiful and powerful. This high-tech toilet offers a compact and streamlined design with integrated cleansing so you don’t need a separate bidet in your bathroom. The stainless-steel wand for personal cleansing offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions. This model’s dual flush capabilities allow you to save water and be kind to both the environment and your wallet simultaneously. We believe you’ll love the automatic deodorization system, heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, and the motion-activated opening/closing seat and cover that is completely hands free!

Bathroom Vanity

Grey cabinet set against a white wall

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Fairmont Designs makes gorgeous bathroom sinks and mirrors, but we want to highlight their amazing vanities. Their vast collection suits a variety of styles so you can choose the look and feel you desire for your renovated bathroom. Their collections also give you the flexibility to choose the size, countertops, finishes, and number of sinks for a customized bathroom. It’s extremely difficult to choose just one bathroom vanity that we love above all others, but we want to highlight the Smithfield Double Bowl Vanity because it personifies what we love most about Fairmont Designs – this model looks like the furniture you would have elsewhere in your home, and perhaps even your kitchen cabinetry, for a truly cohesive home design.

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom with dark grey, wood stain patterned tile

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our Devine Color Floor products! Our range of bathroom tile options can help you mimic the look of real ceramic, slate, and concrete tiles without the worry about cost or upkeep. Our Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT flooring, also comes in a wide variety of planks to mimic the look of real hardwoods, right down to the unique color and grain of ash, oak, pine, and more. Hardwoods and some tiles are generally not recommended for bathrooms, but our LVT flooring is perfect for the wet and humid conditions because it’s durable, waterproof, heat-retaining, and best of all, low maintenance.

Whether you’re remodeling an existing bathroom or building from scratch, incorporating the latest and greatest products from the manufacturers we love most will elevate the style and function of your bathroom and make it a space you truly enjoy.

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