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9 ways winter window

9 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom This Winter

Seasonal shifts are always an adjustment. And transitioning from the last warm rays of fall into the first nips and flurries of winter is no exception. It’s a given you’ll feel the shift in temperature everywhere, including your bathroom.

The experts at our Pacific Northwest bathroom remodel company touch on a few easy and inexpensive ways, as well as more involved solutions, to help keep your bathroom warm throughout the winter months. From adding a bathroom skylight to installing radiant heat flooring, below you'll find a few tips for how to warm up a cold bathroom, no matter your budget.

First Things First, A Cozy Rug

Inexpensive and easy, adding a cozy rug to your cold bathroom floor not only allows you to give yourself the plush greeting you deserve when getting out of a warm shower, it also lets you change the look and feel of your bathroom altogether. Choosing a rug color to match the holidays means bringing cheer and light into an otherwise purely functional room. Interest piqued? Consider adding a memory foam bathroom rug to increase the comfort factor.

Work Wonders With Bathroom-Safe Heaters

For this one, we highly recommend working with a licensed electrician, as installing a bathroom-safe heater to help ward off bathroom cold in winter means bringing electricity into a bathing area (two things that don’t normally mix well). Once you’ve found an electrician you trust and a bathroom-safe heater you love, have it installed and enjoy the warm results before and after every shower.

Heated Towel Bars Offer A Toasty Option

Even if you already have heated bathroom flooring or other bathroom-warming amenities, treat yourself to a towel warmer. Instead of reaching for a cold towel after you’ve turned the water off, find one that feels like a warm blanket thanks to your new heated towel rack. And what about that robe of yours? Drape it over the heated towel rack and voila, you've got yet another way to fend off bathroom cold in winter.

Six Bigger Projects For More Bathroom Warmth

Whether you’re looking to bring in additional bathroom warmth through a remodel or you’re building from scratch and have a dedicated budget, consider springing for any of the following.

  1. Radiant Heat Flooring
  2. A Bathroom Skylight or Two
  3. Luxury Steam Shower
  4. Home Sauna
  5. In-Bathroom Fireplace
  6. Heat-Retaining Tub (Copper, Brass, Volcanic Limestone, or Soapstone)

For more ideas about the best way to heat bathrooms come the colder months, including switching over to a rain shower head for increased stream radius and warmth, connect with our PNW bathroom remodel company on Facebook and Pinterest. Or better yet, request a free in-home consultation online and we’ll come up with a custom and Trendproof remodel for your bathroom.

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