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Style Talk with the Devine Bath Team

If you’ve been thinking about updating your bathroom, you’re not alone. Our Devine Bath designers have been busier than ever the past year, working to refresh the bathrooms of Portland and Seattle-area families. Each homeowner’s preferences and style are unique, but these are some of the most popular style features, materials, and fixtures our clients have been loving lately.

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Not Sure What You Want in a Remodel? Ask Yourself These Questions.

Remodeling the bathrooms in your home can do more than improve appearance. A good remodel allows you to maximize your space, install energy-efficient and eco-friendly features, increase your home value, add more storage, create greater functionality, and more. There are many things to consider when remodeling a bathroom. Here are our top tips to ensure that you get what you want and need out of your project.

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Start to Finish: Timeline of a Devine Bath Remodel

If you’ve ever considered completing a bathroom renovation in your home, you have probably thought about paint colors, fixtures, what kind of tub you want, and your storage needs. But what about the timeline of that remodel? What goes into the planning, and how long does the remodel take? You may be surprised to learn that it often takes less time than you would expect. In fact, for one Seattle-area couple, Devine Bath helped them achieve their dream bath in just two weeks.

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How to Prevent Bathroom Mold in the PNW

Our bathrooms are moist, dark environments that beckon mold and mildew to take up residence. Winter is an especially bad time for mold growth, since our homes don’t get the fresh air or natural light that discourage bathroom mold. Here are some seasonal tips and tricks to keeping your bathroom free of mold, and guidelines about when it’s time to call in the professionals.