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Matching Your Vision: Why We Do In-Home Consultations

If you’ve recently considered a bathroom remodel for your home

Or perhaps even met with some potential contractors, you may think that all companies do things in about the same way. However, at Devine Bath our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind bathroom remodeling process that’s painless, unobtrusive, and even exciting, for the homeowner.

What makes our process different from our competitors? We offer in-home consultations aimed to do two things: simplify the remodel for our clients and ensure our designs fit with the look and feel of the rest of their home. Read on to learn how we match your vision through careful consultation and design choices.

Determining your vision

Our design consultants get the best idea of your family’s aesthetic preferences when we “bring the showroom to you.” Traditional showrooms are often large, overwhelming, and confusing. What’s more, you usually have to visit several showrooms to select all your materials. By bringing curated samples and pieces to our clients’ homes, we save them time, eliminate the need to look through thousands of options, and focus on the most important aspects of their desired design.

An added benefit of conducting in-home consultations is that we get a better sense of the bathroom lighting. The chosen tile, glass, and other materials, will live in this space, so it’s important to see them in in their ‘natural habitat’ to get an accurate idea of the end result. Finally, bringing the showroom to you allows us to design for cohesiveness with the rest of your home, so your bathroom “fits in” and matches your overall style and aesthetics.

Our bathroom remodeling process begins with a two-part in-home consultation.

  1. First, we perform an intake, where our professionals meet with you, discuss what changes you’d like to make, and gather information about your style, preferences, and budget. This process typically takes about two hours, and afterwards, you’ll be given a ballpark estimate for the project scope.
  2. At our second meeting we present you with our bathroom remodel design ideas and a plan for review. Our Devine Bath professionals will discuss with you the proposed design’s style and functionality, storage, accessories, lighting, etc. You then make your final design choices and we discuss the estimated timeline of the bathroom remodel. This second meeting is shorter than the first, and typically takes about an hour.

Our clients tell us how much they enjoy our innovative in-home process. One client, the Magnuson family, recently hired Devine Bath to complete a bathroom remodel in Portland. They had previously worked with a different contractor to remodel their kitchen and two bathrooms, and while satisfied with the results, they kept delaying the remodel of their third bathroom. Their realtor introduced them to Devine Bath, and upon learning about our simplified process, they contacted us for an in-home consultation. Here’s what the Magnusons had to say about their experience working with Devine Bath:

“By limiting choices within a range of high quality materials, we felt comfortable moving forward. Norma Parker, the sales person and designer, did a good job of bringing us alternative choices and Chris Knox was involved and helpful throughout.” They continued: “We were expecting the remodel to take about 3 weeks assuming no unforeseen issues and Jeff worked tirelessly to get it done in just over two weeks. He was a joy to have in the house. The quality of his work is exceptional. We could not have asked for a better experience and are grateful to Jeff for all that he did on our project. Jeff is a HUGE asset to your organization!”

At Devine Bath, bathroom design is our passion, and we strive to make this apparent in every project we work on. We believe that good design leads to good results. Having a clear design plan and great installation leads to very satisfied customers.


If you are considering a bathroom remodel, or have questions about the process, contact Devine Bath today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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