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On A Budget? Consider an À La Carte Shower Remodel

If you want to give your bathroom a fresh, new look but don’t have the budget for an entire remodel, Devine Bath has the solution for you: our à la carte shower remodels. These shower makeovers give you more bang for your buck in a way that increases the value of your home, improves the look and feel of your bathroom, and increases its usability for a great price. This smaller remodel service leaves the rest of your bathroom the same, but enhances the shower/tub, which is typically the area of the bathroom that shows wear and tear the fastest. Read on to learn more about our shower replacement services and the benefits they offer homeowners.

Save Money on Big Style

Before and after of a plain white shower next to a grey tiled shower with multi colored accent and white grout

Updating your old shower and leaving the rest of the components (vanity, sink, toilet, flooring, etc.) untouched can accomplish the same style or functionality upgrade you’re looking for at a more affordable price than a full bathroom remodel. This is a great option for upgrading the builder’s tub that comes standard issue in most new homes; it’s also a great way to update a new-to-you home you’ve just purchased when you want to incorporate your own style and add luxury to one of the most high-traffic areas of the home.

Shorter Remodel Timeline

Before and after of a shower with gold accents next to a shower with all clear glass doors

Many of our bathroom remodel clients in Portland and Seattle tell us they delayed a remodel for years because they were afraid of the lengthy timeline and the impact it would have on their day-to-day lives. We’ve even heard some homeowners say they feared having to leave their house and stay in a hotel during the renovation process. We’re here to assure you this is not the case! We pride ourselves on completing bathroom renovations as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our shower remodels have one of the shortest timelines of any project we offer. The duration of the planning and installation process is greatly reduced because we’re focusing on one small area of the bathroom, which usually requires less time spent on new plumbing, electrical, and drywall.

Change the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom with Ease

Before and after of a small white shower turned into one with grey, washed marble tiles in a brick pattern

Sometimes a few small changes are all that are needed to completely transform a space into one you love and want to use. Whether your shower is old and outdated or you want to upgrade to a model constructed of better materials, we can help you find the perfect shower to complement both your bathroom and your needs. You can choose a shower made of one continuous material (think fiberglass) or customize your shower with floor to ceiling tiles and built-in shampoo bottle cubbies for extra storage. You can add grab bars and seating for added safety and comfort, and even add luxurious handheld showerheads that will make every shower feel like a trip to the spa.

Choosing an à la carte shower remodel for your bathroom renovation is the perfect solution if you’re seeking a lower-cost, shorter-term project that will improve the function and design of your space. Check out our Pinterest boards and bathroom remodel before and after gallery for projects and pictures to inspire you. If you’re ready to update your bathroom or if you have questions about the remodeling process, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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