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Out with the Curtain: Tips for Choosing the Right Door for Your Shower

Shower curtains have long been a staple of traditional bathrooms, but during bathroom remodels, homeowners are increasingly opting for glass shower doors instead.

Why Glass Shower Doors?

There are many benefits to glass shower doors, and we’ve listed just a few of their benefits below:

  • As opposed to curtains, shower doors can let in far more light.
  • Glass shower doors can help to highlight in-shower design elements like tile, stone, and grout.
  • Shower doors are available in many shapes and sizes, as well as finishes to beautify your space.
  • Shower glass can make the space feel larger since there is no Plastic curtain inside the shower

Choosing the Right Doors

The shower door you choose will depend greatly on the available space for your shower, as you want to ensure that the water stays in the shower and doesn’t spill out onto the floor. In terms of style, however, there are a variety of different options. Let’s explore a few of our most popular types of shower doors.

Sliding Shower Doors

If you have just enough space for a standard shower/tub, we recommend selecting sliding glass doors. These are sometimes called bypass doors and consist of two or three panels of glass that slide past each other on tracks mounted to the shower unit (top and bottom). Sliding shower doors are an economical choice, use minimal space, and are popular for their clean and simple appearance. They come in a variety of styles, such as semi-frameless and barn door, to fit your unique tastes. If you have a small area or a corner shower unit, we recommend pivot doors, which swing out (or in, if you prefer) to allow access.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are popular for their seamless appearance and spa-like feel. A frameless shower door lets in more light and reduces visual clutter in the space, making the entire bathroom feel larger and more open. Framed shower doors typically feature aluminum or composite framing materials, and can help to tie the shower in with the fixtures used elsewhere in the bathroom. What’s more, frameless doors can be built to exact specifications for a truly custom shower space.

Specialty Glass

If you wish to add some privacy to your shower consider one of the many available specialty glass options. Frosted glass comes in many colors and patterns, but still maintains a clean and fresh feel that works with most bathrooms. Tinted or opaque glass also provides privacy and complements many varieties of stone and pebble. Rain glass shower doors are textured (rather than colored) to provide privacy, and are a great option for modern and trendy bathrooms.

Coating Options

Glass shower doors are a wonderful option for the modern bath because they often come with specialized coating options that help to repel water (and thus water marks) for cleaner and clearer glass. This is a fantastic option for homeowners with small children, or for individuals who prefer low-maintenance materials that require less cleaning.

Next Steps: Design & Install

Whether you want the shower door to be a part of the overall look, or you want it to disappear and let the tile design shine, glass shower doors are a great option. By bringing the showroom to you, our design professionals can help you simplify the process of selecting the right shower door for your remodel. He or she can even help you choose the vanity, toilet, flooring, and fixtures that will best complement your new shower and shower doors.

If you have any questions about the process, contact Devine Bath today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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