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Pros & Cons of 6 Common Shower Storage Options

What good is a beautiful shower if you have nowhere to store your bath and shower products? Shower storage ensures that your shampoo, soap, and razor are right where you need them while keeping your space looking clean and organized. Our bathroom remodel professionals review some common shower storage options, both temporary and built-in, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Temporary Shower Storage

If your shower is lacking storage, but you are not interested in remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, temporary shower storage is a great option. These storage systems can be purchased at any store that sells home goods and they are usually relatively affordable.

Suction Cup Storage

Shower with suction-cup storage bins mounted in the corner

This type of storage typically features a metal or plastic shelf or bucket that attaches to your shower wall with suction cups. The main benefit of suction cup storage is that it is typically affordable and simple to install. However, one of the cons of suction cup storage is that even the strongest suction cups can begin to slip over time, especially in a wet shower environment.

Over the Showerhead Storage

Shower heads with multi-level storage bins hanging from them

Image Credit: Left, Right

Many homeowners love over the showerhead storage because it is so easy to install. These storage systems slip over your showerhead pipe and contain multiple shelves or baskets for storing products. One thing to keep in mind with this type of storage is balance. Some models may tilt and lean if you remove a heavy product, causing all of the other items in the caddy to shift. Look for over the showerhead storage that fits snug around your showerhead pipe or has suction cups for additional support.

Corner Shower Storage

Two multi-shelf, corner shower storage bins.

Image Credit: Left, Right

This type of storage fills the space between the floor of your shower or the curb of your tub to the ceiling. Corner shower storage units are held in place with a combination of tension rods and suction cups and usually contain multiple shelves – making this a great option for families or homeowners that need a lot of space. These systems can take a bit more time to install, but once in place, they become a cohesive part of the shower.

Built-In Shower Storage

If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Portland or Seattle, incorporating ample built-in shower storage is a wise choice. Built-in storage is functional and blends seamlessly with the design of your space.

Recessed Niches

Two examples of recessed, built-in shower shelves

Recessed niches are a popular choice when it comes to built-in storage. These niches come in a variety of sizes and may contain additional shelves within them. We often suggest this type of shower storage because it is set into the wall and therefore doesn’t take up any shower space. Recessed niches also offer the opportunity to add a pop of accent tile to your shower, creating a functional and beautiful element to your space. The downside of recessed niches is that they require a lot of careful planning – from making sure the niche is well-insulated to ensuring the grade of the tile will prevent water from settling in the niche. If you’re interested in including recessed niches in your shower, we recommend hiring a bathroom remodel professional.

Corner Shelves

Two examples of corner shelves built into showers

These triangular shelves are another simple built-in storage option. Corner shelves can be stacked one on top of the other, providing a storage space for each member of your family. If you have a smaller shower, one drawback of built-in shower shelves is that they do take up a little bit of valuable shower real estate.

Shower Seats

Two examples of shower seats. One along the side, and another in the corner

Like other built-in storage options, shower seats offer a convenient space to store your products. But built-in shower seats also provide a place to sit if needed. These shower seats are convenient for activities like shaving but are also great for those with more limited accessibility. With shower seats, it’s important to bear in mind that they require a larger shower to implement, which means they won’t work well in a small bathroom.

When it comes to the shower, every homeowner’s storage needs are different– we hope that this guide will help you create a shower space that is equal parts beautiful and functional. If you’re still unsure of what type of storage would work best in your bathroom, check out our remodel gallery for some before and after shower inspiration.

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