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Working with a Small Bathroom? Bathroom Layout and Design Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel, but are worried your space is too small to even bother, don’t fret. Even the most compact bathrooms can be transformed into cozy retreats complete with a sink, toilet, and shower. Of course, maximizing square footage in a small bathroom design is of utmost importance. Read some of the tricks our team employs to give your tiny bathroom a spacious look.

Do away with clutter

To make your space feel less cramped, reduce the clutter from beauty products and toiletries on your counters, and pack away the knick-knacks. When you have limited space to make use of, every square inch counts. Take advantage of under-sink and mounted storage where possible. Recessed storage options, like medicine cabinets and niches, are also great for hiding away products without taking up valuable space.

Make use of mirrors

Use the largest mirrors possible above your vanity to create the illusion of more space. If your bathroom is large enough to accommodate a double vanity, opt for a mirror that extends the entire length of the vanity/wall instead of two smaller mirrors. Another bathroom mirror trick is to place a mirror opposite a window so your bathroom appears to have double the number of windows, and thus, more natural light than it really does.

Use color to your advantage

Make use of a strategic color palette for your space. It’s best to use light paint and tile colors for your small bathroom in order for it to seem open and airy. That doesn’t mean your space has to be devoid of color: lavender, light grey, and sage green are just some of many space-enhancing colors. Even if you decide to go for an all-white palette, you can incorporate color through your linens, decorative pieces like soap dishes and storage cases.

Consider tossing your tub

If you’re looking to actually expand your available floor space, a tub-to-shower conversion may be in order. Standing showers, especially those with clear glass doors, make your bathroom space seem more continuous. Another trick of the trade? Extend your shower or bath tile to the very top of the wall to make ceilings seem loftier.

Let the sunshine in

Natural light is a great addition to any small space, especially a bathroom. Consider using translucent window treatments (linen is a classic choice) to allow as much sunlight as possible to permeate your space. No windows in your bathroom? Make sure you add as much lighting as possible. An underlit vanity for example, can add ambient lighting to a space.

Go for floating vanities and wall-mounted toilets

Floating vanities and wall-mounted toilets are gaining popularity–and for good reason. Wall-mounted toilets offer space-saving design, efficiency, and a sleek and modern look. Floating vanities provide extra room beneath the sink for shelves and storage, which is helpful when you’re working with a small bathroom layout design. They also give the illusion of more space by extending the floor.

If you’re ready to update your bathroom layout or you have questions about the remodeling process, contact Devine Bath today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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