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Spend Less Time Cleaning: 6 Self-Cleaning Bathroom Products

There is no such thing as a bathroom that cleans itself. Or is there? While today’s bathroom technology has brought us closer to the concept of a self-cleaning bathroom, the fact of the matter remains that unless you want stray toothpaste and water spots to rule the roost, bathrooms need to be tended to. In this blog, our bathroom remodel experts highlight 6 self-cleaning products designed to help you spend less time keeping your bathroom spotless.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

Woman standing next to a toilet with her hand on the top

Image Courtesy of American Standard

Whether you have company on the way and a to-do list a mile long, or you’d simply rather not spend your precious time cleaning toilets throughout your home, self-cleaning toilets, like the American Standard ActiClean, are a great option. WaterSense certified and easy to install, these high-tech toilets offer useful features to help keep your toilet sparkling, including:

  • ‌A one-minute cleaning option for regular upkeep in between deeper cleanings.
  • A ten-minute deep clean setting.
  • An antimicrobial finish.

Spotless Faucets

Brushed nickel, two-handle faucet

Image Courtesy of Delta Faucet

Kids or no kids, smudged, spotted, and dirty faucets are inevitable. Luckily, there is bathroom technology that can help reduce the amount of fingerprints, streaks, and spots you’d normally find on your faucet. Spot-resistant faucet technology from Delta, and other leading brands offers a simple way to keep your faucet cleaner, for longer, without having to stay on top of polishing out water spots or fingerprints daily.

Water-Resistant Flooring

Grey walled bathroom with light-colored wood floors

While there are many excellent bathroom flooring options out there, it’s important to select a bathroom floor that is water-resistant. One of our favorite water resisting bathroom flooring options is Luxury Vinyl Tile from Devine Color Floor! This LVT flooring is dent and moisture resistant, which makes it easy to keep your bathroom looking spotless, even in your most high-traffic bathroom.

Think About Grout

Shower with cream colored tile walls

There aren’t many bathroom chores less enjoyable than scrubbing grout. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, these two grout selection tips can help ensure that bathroom cleaning is less of a chore:

  1. Choose Colored Grout – Both black and white grout are beautiful options, but they tend to show stains more than some other colors. Opt for a middle-of-the-road grout color, like grey or tan, to make any build up less obvious.
  2. Use Less Grout – A floor to ceiling tile wall is a dramatic bathroom look, but that’s a lot of grout to tend to. Consider using less tile or larger tiles in your bathroom design to decrease the amount of grout that needs cleaning

Open Concept Showers

Side by side of two open-concept showers featuring no doors and a few glass panels

Without glass, cracks, or crevices for grime and grit to build up on or nestle into, open concept showers are a surefire way to spend less time keeping your bathroom clean and more time doing the things you love. Just remember that the best tile for bathroom remodels is the kind that doesn’t reveal the dirt – a middle of the road grey or tan is a great, low-maintenance tile option.

Anti-Fog Mirrors

Large mirror above a bathroom sink, with grey, tan, and black tile behind on the wall

Tired of having to clean streaks from your bathroom mirrors? Thanks to the revolutionary bathroom technology of anti-fog mirrors, you can enjoy fog-free mirrors upon exiting your warm, steamy shower. Zero fog means not having to wipe at your bathroom mirror with a towel, which means zero time spent cleaning streaks from your mirrors in the long run. Mission accomplished!

Looking for more self-cleaning bathroom remodel ideas? Request a free in-home consultation and we can walk you through some ways to transform your space into the self-cleaning bathroom of your dreams.

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