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A Master Bathroom Fit For A Palace


uring our in-home consultation, we discussed their style, goals, and what they loved (and hated) about their existing bathroom. We all agreed that the carpet had to go, while their large corner tub was definitely a keeper. Their goal was to update their space and create a luxurious, palace-like getaway where they could truly unwind and pamper themselves.

Our clients felt as though their large corner vanity was a bit of overkill, especially when a single wall vanity would provide more than enough space for the two sinks and wide mirror that they needed. But removing the corner vanity presented a new challenge.

The existing vanity was built into a strange angled corner, and replacing it with a single-wall vanity meant we needed to physically move the exterior wall of the house to create a 90 degree corner in the room. The result was a nice big twin vanity and some extra square footage!


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