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The customers were tired of stepping over the high tub sides to take a shower, so they wanted an upgraded shower that would fit all of their safety and aesthetic needs. A challenge we were happy to meet.


e ended up doing a very custom shower with multiple heads and high volume shower fixtures. Extra grab bars and a folding teak seat allow for life-long use of the shower. Since we added extra shower heads and diverters we were afraid of a loss in water pressure. To solve this problem, our plumber ran a larger water line to the shower.

In the end we had effective full pressure with all three shower heads on at once. We also kept the existing floor in place. This made matching colors a little more difficult, but we were able to work within our trend-proof color palette to make the shower fit in with the rest of the customer’s home decor.

Our customers were looking for a comfortable spa-like setting within their own home that was both beautiful and safely accessible.

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