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Dark And Cool Master Bathroom


heir main request was to create something that they could both use together without feeling cramped. They were frustrated with the small bathtub, hoping to fit a larger two-person tub in its place. They also wanted to install two side-by-side vanities and a large mirror so they could both get ready without being in each other’s way. In terms of style, they were really looking to recreate the relaxing spa effect at home with an Asian-inspired, modern look.

It was great to see our clients so happy with their new master bathroom. They loved the dual vanities and large two-person soaking tub. The large floor-to-ceiling wall tile really helped achieve the modern look they were going for while also creating a cool, inviting atmosphere to retreat to.

With all the stresses of daily life, it is so nice to know that your own bathroom oasis is right there waiting for you to come home, disconnect and unwind in.

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