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Luxurious “Tiny Bathroom” Remodel


uring our initial design consultation, we discussed some of the pros and cons of the existing bathroom design to help our clients determine what they would like to achieve with their remodel. The general layout was great, they said. They liked having a separate tub and shower, and the large vanity space with two sinks was a huge bonus when getting ready in the morning.

One goal was to eliminate the feeling of blandness, and instead they wanted something a little more luxurious. Cleaning the grout on their tile countertop had become a major chore, and the inward-opening door was a nuisance that impeded on the already small amount of floor space.

Our designer created a proposal that incorporated clean, classic elements like intricate marble tile patterns with more modern touches such as a grey wood-look porcelain floor tile and a frameless glass shower door. A sliding barn door added a stylish touch while tackling their awkward door problem. Blandness banished!


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