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Navigating An Awkward Bathroom Layout


ur clients felt stuck in their bathroom’s jolted floorplan and were looking to update the aesthetic, with little hope of improving its layout. But where there’s a will, there’s a way! We helped this Portland couple turn their oddly-shaped bathroom into a unique, practical and beautiful oasis.

The biggest challenge with this remodel was creating a layout that felt natural and intentional within the confines of this oddly shaped room. For starters, we tossed the tub — our clients never used it and it was taking up a huge chunk of valuable floor space.

We traded in the his-and-hers double vanity for two single vanities on opposite walls, complete with a three-quarter mirror and beauty corner. Finally, we moved the awkward corner shower to where the bathtub used to be, which creates an open, spacious shower. The results made for a bathroom that felt open, unique, and thoughtfully planned out.


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