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Opening Up A Cramped Bathroom In Portland, OR

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Here’s a perfect example of a small bathroom with great potential. Our clients wanted their master bathroom to feel more open, but were unsure of their options, considering they only had a small space to work with.


ut sometimes a few small tweaks in a bathroom layout can make a huge difference. By moving the shower to where the toilet used to be (and vice versa) we were able to completely open up the room and make the most of that precious square footage!

Relocating plumbing to move showers and toilets usually carries some additional remodeling costs. Our goal was to help our clients open up their small Portland bathroom while still being sensitive of their budget.

Thankfully, they were already happy with their existing vanity layout and cabinetry, so we were able to install a new sink and countertops without completely removing and replacing the vanity — saving money and staying in budget.


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