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Rethinking Bathroom Layout

We Need Space

For this remodel our clients had a problem with space — or lack thereof. When you opened the door it would hit the bathtub. When you sat on the toilet your knees would hit the sink. Couple that with green walls, a lack of light, and an overall feeling of “blah”, the bathroom had become a place to avoid rather than a private sanctuary to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, physically making the bathroom bigger was not an option. However, reconsidering the layout was.


ur Devine Bath designer tackled this bathroom with a fresh perspective. We reconsidered the layout entirely. The shower, vanity, and toilet were all relocated to best take advantage of the space available. We moved the shower to the back wall, shifted the vanity to the opposite wall and moved the toilet by a few feet.

We also installed a skylight for more open, natural light, and of course applied our trendproof design philosophy to make the whole thing look beautiful. All on time and within budget. Our clients were over the moon with the final result. As a young couple expecting their first child, they loved the floating vanity which would allow for a child-step to fit beneath.

With the help of strategic design choices, such as bright white walls and an overhead skylight, their bathroom went from feeling dark and gloomy to bright, open, and most importantly, inviting.


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