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Updating Bathroom Design


ften the best way to improve a bathroom is to totally re-think the layout, but relocating plumbing and electrical work can be complex, not to mention expensive. That’s why it’s always fun to walk into a project like this one where the bathroom layout is already working pretty well — everything just needed a little… updating.

The shower was the most important remodel aspect to our clients, as they wanted to replace it with something newer, bigger, and better. We tore out the existing one-piece acrylic tub-and-shower combo and replaced it with a new custom tile shower, so now it comes all the way out to the window. We installed a new freestanding tub with a slimmer profile, taking up less floor space and holding the same water capacity as the old tub, and outlined it with beautiful custom tile.

With the vanity, our clients were already pretty happy with the mirror, lights and existing cabinetry. Instead of ripping it all out, we installed a beautiful new quartz countertop, sinks, and faucets, and freshened up the cabinetry with some new paint and hardware. We replaced the old sheet vinyl floor with a nice large floor tile. Throw in some new shelves and solid surfaces and the whole room looked brand new!


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